How to repair a circular saw?


The circular saw is basically a machine for cutting wood and is very practical because you can move it anywhere, so if you see that you stop working, such as not wanting to turn or the blade lost strength, among many other possible failures.

We recommend that you take it to a specialized technician so that he can tell you what it has and what the solution is, and repair your circular saw. Because, if you do not have the necessary knowledge, what you can do is make it worse or finish damaging your circular saw.

How to fix a circular saw motor?

It is very important to know how to repair the engine of your circular saw, before getting to this you must be very attentive to your machine because before it gets damaged it will show signs of failure, if this is the case you must follow a series of steps without skipping any and they are the following:

  1. Test the flow of current.
  2. Repair the drive mechanism.
  3. Change or repair the fan blades.
  4. Replace gears.
  5. Reassemble and test.

How should a circular saw be used?

This is a very common question because not everyone has experience of how to use a circular saw correctly. Therefore, we leave you with some recommendations that will help you a lot when making the cuts you need, and they are the following

  • The position is very important and you should lean a little on the machine so that the cable is always behind you.
  • Place the saw on the tip of what you are going to cut, without the blade touching the wood, turn it on and once the speed is even you can start making the cut.
  • When you’re making the cut you have to pay close attention to the sound, because if it drops it means that the engine is getting tired. That’s why we recommend that you go little by little and that way you will also have greater precision.
  • Once the cut is made, the blade’s protective casing will close and that is an indication that you can turn it off. Keep it in your hand until the blade stops to avoid possible risks.

What can be cut with a circular saw?

The circular saw is used to make cuts in wood, because, it is very fast and accurate stands out for being practical, easy to use and comfortable. Although you can also say that with its original cutting blade can make precise and perfect cuts on different types of wood including, wood beams, plywood, hardwood floors, chipboard and coated panels.

In the same way, it also stands out because if you use a special cutting blade you can not only cut wood but also all kinds of materials such as plastic, aluminum and some metal derivatives.

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