How to restore a wooden piece of furniture?

Generally, in our homes we have some wooden furniture that has been around for some time or is a little old. This is why at some point we will need to know how to restore a piece of wood furniture. Yes, it may seem a bit complicated, but by following the right steps and taking into account the right materials, you can get great results. Do you risk achieving this?

The restoration of wooden furniture can depend on several factors, mainly, we have to see what the type of wood it has been made of and how old it is, as well as the damage caused by its use. Either way, you must also understand that there will be furniture that is no longer worth restoring.

How to restore a piece of wood furniture at home?

Doing things from home, can help us save on some costs, for this reason, we will talk about how to restore a wooden piece of furniture at home. Then, look at the steps:

  1. Remove all traces of dirt, try to make the furniture as clean as possible, this will be the guarantee that the work you will do is not being lost at all, because if you leave residues the work will most likely be in vain.
  2. You have to remove what is known as woodworm, this can be achieved by using some type of anti-worm, generally it can be applied with a brush to the affected areas and then the furniture is wrapped in plastic for a total of 48 hours.
  3. If the furniture has some kind of blow, fissure or something similar, you can make it disappear if you put a kind of wet cloth with water or milk. It will be necessary to leave it for a few hours, while the process is completed.
  4. If you have any kind of door or lock, you will also have to see what damage it has, then it will be necessary to adjust everything you have to adjust and in case you need to put anti-corrosive to the locks.
  5. Put a new upholstery in case the furniture deserves it, so you can make it look much newer.
    At the end, you can also put some kind of varnish and polish to finish.

How can I restore my wooden furniture?

Here are 7 simple steps that will help you restore your wooden furniture:

  1. Clean the furniture.
  2. Inspect the entire piece of furniture.
  3. Stain if necessary.
  4. Wait for it to dry and retouch.
  5. Sand to see the finish.
  6. Apply varnish to protect.
  7. Pass the polisher.

How to restore rustic wood furniture?

If your furniture is rustic, you can follow these steps:

1. Start by cleaning.
2. Sand the furniture.
3. Remove any residue.
4. Remove stains.
5. Paint.
6. Varnish.

How to paint a piece of furniture to make it vintage?

If you want to find an effect that looks worn or aged for your furniture, you can achieve it using what is known as chalk painting. By applying it to the furniture, you will have the desired result and it will be a vitage furniture.

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