What are the temporary workers?


Temporary workers or Temporary Staffing are those whose function in the company or business is limited in time, the reasons for which may be various, the most common being the execution of a job or work in a specific manner, or hiring for the high seasons in vacations, Christmas and other dates, which force hotels and stores to hire new personnel only for that season.

It is recommended that temporary workers make sure that the hiring company (which is usually a temporary service agency acting as an intermediary), complies with the regulations regarding health insurance and other premiums that help cover possible eventualities.

How long can I stay on a temporary contract?

In countries with greater entrepreneurial freedom, temporary contracts do not have a specific mandatory period of time to be considered temporary, but logic and jurisprudence do apply to determine that if it is a temporary contract, the company must serve itself for some time, which is why contracts usually range from 6 to 18 months, with the minimum limit being the most used.

The reason for this limit is to avoid lengthening the time period, since the law does not allow an employer to use the figure of a temporary contract with workers who remain several years in the company, only to avoid the obligation to cover benefits that are mandatory for permanent employees on the company’s payroll.

What is a temporary service company?

Temporary service agencies are companies that hire personnel and relocate them to companies that require their services. In this relationship all parties are winners. The unemployed person becomes a temporary worker and earns a salary.

The temporary services agency earns a commission for the placement of the worker in another company and the final company, where the worker will work his or her days, does not have to do exams, interviews, drug tests, all of this, including tax formalities and the legal status of the person in the country, is taken care of by the temporary agency.

This is the reason why more and more large chains, which require a certain volume of personnel on a temporary basis, turn to these agencies, saving a lot of paperwork and processes that in the end are transformed into cost reduction and maximum use of their active personnel in the company.

What is temporary and casual work?

There is a common confusion about these terms and it is convenient for both companies and workers to know the difference:

  • The temporary worker does not usually have a mandatory work schedule or days under contract, but the temporary worker does.
  • Temporary workers do not have health protection, but temporary workers do.
  • The employment relationship with a temporary worker can be terminated without prior notice, but not with a temporary worker. In fact, the company cannot fire a temporary worker without informing, justifying and agreeing with the temporary employment agency.

The reasons for hiring temporary workers can be many, ranging from very specific tasks, such as cleaning the shore of a beach, several building terraces, the swimming pools of a complex, to replacing a permanent worker who is absent for major causes for days.

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